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Everything you’ve ever wanted in a make-up product formulated up to 99% * with natural ingredients.


Ask with your eyes and they’ll get what they need. When they want to be treated gently, they will. When they want to dazzlingly dramatic gaze, they' ll be irresistible. The Deborah Milano Formula Pura range is by your side always, looking through your eyes.


Look into the mirror and see how beautiful you are. Your face is silky soft, delicate and alluring. The Deborah Milano Formula Pura range knows how important it is for your make-up to look chic and sophisticated all day long. Here’s how.


Is it too much to want a product that delivers full colour while it nourishes, hydrates and softens lips? Of course not! Check out the Deborah Milano Formula Pura range of lip colour and care products.


Hands that travel, twirl, touch and flutter obviously call for a brightly coloured, chip-proof manicure. With the Deborah Milano Formula Pura range you won't just see the difference, you' ll feel it.


After a long, hectic day, your body yearns for a hot bath. And your face yearns for a break. Cleanse, hydrate and protect skin gently with your 0% Beauty Routine!


Red today, what tomorrow? Any colour you like! You love changing the colour, right? So you're best friend is going to be to remover with 99% natural solvents enriched with ultra-hydrating oils that nourish nails and cuticles. Out with the old and in with the new… nail colour - every day!


Deborah Milano’s Formula Pura range wouldn’t exist without your questions.

Yes, it’s a range of products formulated with up to 99% natural ingredients*. Formula Pura is for women who want a gentle product but not at the expense of cosmetic performance. *composition of the formula to be checked in the product fact sheet
Our mascaras, eye shadows, eyeliners and pencils do not contain parabens, volatile silicones, petroleum-derived products or fragrances to respect hypersensitive eyes and limit lacrimation. The formulations are also ideal for contact lens wearers.
Deborah Milano’s Formula Pura make-up line perfectly balances gentle formulations with impressive cosmetic performance. The products are ideal for sensitive skin and eyes. The ingredients are of natural origin, and the products are free of parabens, silicones, petroleum-derived products and fragrances.
Our nail enamels do not contain formaldehyde, DBP (dibutyl phthalate) or camphor; 80% of the raw materials and solvents are of natural origin. These ingredients, in addition to specific resins, deliver an ultra-safe, long-lasting, high-gloss manicure.
All mums-to-be can use our products because the ingredients – whether natural or man-made – are safe. Deborah Milano’s Formula Pura range is well tolerated by women with sensitive skin and eyes because the raw materials we use are natural.
There’s a ban in the EU on using Nickel in cosmetics, but trace amounts may be unavoidable due to the manufacturing process or impurities in the raw materials.
Our face products are certified NON-comedogenic, which makes them ideal for women who have sensitive skin but still want high-performance make-up. With Formula Pura you can disguise patchy skin tone but also allow your skin to breathe.
The Formula Pura Cleansing line removes make-up and grime really effectively; the deeply nourishing formulation is enriched with soothing, protective Aloe Vera, and Argan Oil to smooth skin and combat free radicals. All of the products are free from parabens, silicones, artificial dyes, mineral oils, PEGs, lanolin and animal derived ingredients.
All our products are Made in Italy and comply with EC Regulation 1223/2009, which bans the testing of cosmetics and raw materials on animals; the regulation applies to Italy and Europe as a whole.